Priapus Grip


A perfect hybrid of precision rifle and tactical, the Priapus Grip delivers the hand positioning, shape, and control of a PRS-style grip with the size, circumference, and light weight of a tactical AR-style grip. It’s the first precision grip that you can also run and gun with. But wait, there’s more!…

The recessed, smooth fields on all four sides of the Priapus Grip are specifically designed for the application of skateboard grip tape (just like our Black Box magazine). This allows the end user to customize the aggressiveness and color/pattern of the Priapus Grip’s grip texture. One set of grip tape panels is included, and additional sets are just $5.

MSRP is $39.99, but it’s on sale for $35 for pre-order customers only!

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The Priapus Grip is symmetrical with a mild palm swell, an arched backstrap that drives the hand into the correct position, and a nearly vertical, relatively square front strap that’s both comfortable and highly indexable. On any rifle or large format pistol, from full-size PRS guns to subguns, the Priapus Grip’s unique shape, angle, size, and grip textures ensure it feels right at home and outperforms the competition. It’s the best AR-compatible grip on the market!

At launch we’re offering laser-cut sand texture grip tape panels in Black, Gray, OD Green, and Brown, as well as rubber pebble texture in Black. One set of panels is included with each Priapus Grip, and additional sets are just $5. These grip tape panels are easily applied by the end user and are durable and reliable, yet remove cleanly should you want to swap them out.

We particularly like running a rubber pebble texture panel on the side that faces the shooter’s body when carrying the rifle on a sling, and sand texture on the rest. Sand texture is as good as it gets for maximizing grip — it does not slip — in any condition and is still comfortable in the hand, while the rubber pebble texture offers a medium grip level and is gentle on clothing and skin.

PRE-ORDER Information: We’re shipping! As of March 20, the first grip orders are already going out the door, but we got so many pre-orders since SHOT Show that it’ll take us a couple of weeks to get caught up to the point where we’re shipping new orders within 24 hours. Please expect up to an approximately two-week delay from order to shipment until we get caught up (at which point you won’t see this warning). Thank you!

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in
Priapus Grip Options

Black Skateboard Grip Tape, Black Rubber Pebble Grip Tape, Brown Skateboard Grip Tape, Gray Skateboard Grip Tape, OD Green Skateboard Grip Tape


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