Barrels & Barrel Parts

  • Black Collar Arms 300 BLK 1:5 Twist AR-15 Barrels

    New and limited! We've done a production run of Ultra Match Grade, 7-inch, 1:5 twist 5R rifled, 300 Blackout AR-15 barrels. These are made from 416R stainless steel Criterion blanks and are beautifully salt bath nitrided a deep, jet black. 5/8x24 muzzle threads.
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  • Black Collar Arms Match Grade Barrels

    Our ridiculously amazing barrels begin life as some of the highest-quality barrel blanks available in the country. These blanks are precision button rifled to an incredibly tight tolerance, then they are air-gauged, carefully lapped, and stress relieved through a careful heat treat process.
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  • Custom Barrel

    We use X-Caliber premium match grade barrels for our Custom Barrels. These made-to-order barrels are among the highest quality and most accurate barrels available in the country.
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  • Black Collar Arms Barrel Nuts

    Black Collar Arms Barrel Nuts allow for end-user barreling and headspacing with the use of headspace gauges and a standard, 1.25-inch wrench. An amazing 0.91 ounces light!
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