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Pork Sword Stalker

A big bore 12-inch shorty, the Pork Sword Stalker is purpose built for hunting and tactical use, especially in tight environments such as in a side-by-side or other vehicle, in a deer blind, on foot in brush or other tricky terrain, or in many tactical environments. Chambered in either 8.6 Blackout or 375 Raptor, the Pork Sword Stalker is designed to fire both supersonic and subsonic ammunition and is suppressor-ready. Available as a pistol or as a factory SBR.

It's finally time to wait a little longer for the 11/22 Chassis.

Pork Sword Chassis

Our modular chassis system for Remington 700 footprint actions is highly configurable for rifle and pistol builds. Strong yet light, our chassis is perfect for anything from hunting to law enforcement operations to long range precision.

US Patent 11,346,622


Our Mission

Black Collar Arms is dedicated to bringing you innovative, highly functional firearms and firearm components. Our design focus is on the lightweight, modular, and practical.


The Black Collar Arms MBA redefines the Modern Bolt Action firearm. This revolutionary straight pull design is incredibly lightweight, fast, and accurate. MBA's extreme modularity and elegant simplicity represent a significant leap forward in bolt action design.

Black Collar Arms MBA

 Stock Option

Our folding or fixed shoulder stock attaches to any M1913 Picatinny rail. It provides precision rifle features in a feather light package. 



The Black Collar Arms SBD integrally suppressed firearms are among the quietest centerfire rifle caliber guns ever made, yet are the size and weight of a typical, unsuppressed firearm.

APS wood background

Not a shoulder stock, not a pistol brace, the brand new Black Collar Arms APS — Adjustable Pistol Support — is a height adjustable rest designed to support a precision pistol on a bench, ground, or other surface. It’s a brand new category of rear accessory for firearms and is ideally suited to large, accurate pistols.

Patent Pending!


Complete Pork Sword Firearms

Use our firearm configurator to build a complete Pork Sword Rifle or Pistol of your own on top of our Pork Sword Chassis system!