APS Adjustable Pistol Support


Not a shoulder stock, not a pistol brace, the brand new Black Collar Arms APS — Adjustable Pistol Support — is a height adjustable rest designed to support a precision pistol on a bench, ground, or other surface. It’s a brand new category of rear accessory for firearms and is ideally suited to large, accurate pistols. It will be available first in a clamp-on design for pistol buffer tubes and anything that accepts a GHW Tailhook MOD 1 (fits round tubes from 1.17″ to 1.20″ in diameter).


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APS supports the rear of a large format pistol on any solid surface and offers approximately 3 inches of vertical travel for precise point of impact adjustment. Our first model is a clamp-on design that fits any AR-15 style pistol buffer tube (any round tube 1.17″ to 1.20″ in diameter) or GHW Tailhook Mod 1 adapter.


• QD sling socket on one side of clamp
• Clamps to any round tube 1.17″ to 1.20″ in diameter
• Accepts any Atlas bipod-compatible foot (not included) to match your shooting surface
• Provides approximately 3 inches of height adjustment to fine-tune point of impact. Rotate post to raise or lower it
• For external use only


• Weight: 7.1 ounces
• Height: 6.21 inches (top-to-bottom in shortest config)
• Post Diameter: 1.125 inches
• Maximum Width: 1.5 inches
• Material: 6061 aluminum
• Finish: Type III Hardcoat Anodized Black or FDE Cerakote on top of the hardcoat anodizing (other Cerakote colors/patterns available on request)
• Made in Texas

ATF info:

As of a few years ago ATF no longer rules on accessories or provides any feedback on them. They will only rule on a complete firearm and the ruling is for that specific model and configuration as submitted. So, for example, if we submitted one of our Pork Sword Pistols with an APS and brand X bipod on the front and brand Y optic, etc etc, any ruling they provided would apply specifically and solely to that caliber, length, and model firearm as equipped with those specific models of accessories.

We consulted with the head attorneys at the top 2A legal rights foundations in the U.S. and they provided extensive feedback. It is not a shoulder stock and it is not a pistol brace. There is zero foundation for claiming it changes the categorization of a handgun/pistol. Benchrest pistol shooting has been a popular sport since the 70’s, so there’s half a century of documented large format, long range, extremely accurate pistols being shot off of bipods, sandbags, giant sled rigs, and more with and without rests designed to support the rear of the pistols, and in many cases physically attaching to the pistols including to the rear. The APS has an obvious and highly functional purpose that every shooter of a large format pistol can take advantage of. You don’t have to be disabled to use it as designed, you don’t have to be of a certain stature or arm strength to use it as designed. Any pistol that can benefit from a rear point of contact when used in conjunction with a front point of contact (bipod, sandbag, anything else solid, etc.) will see massive stability and accuracy gains through the use of the APS and it’s quickly, easily, and finely height-adjustable for dialing in a rock solid point of aim.

90-second video explaining it further and showing some benchrest pistol examples:


Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 2.5 in

Black, FDE


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