375 Raptor

375 Raptor is the best short action / AR10-length cartridge for firing both high BC, supersonic hunting and target shooting projectiles as well as heavy, accurate subsonic projectiles. Efficient powder burn in the .375 bore provides phenomenal performance from short barrels and great results when suppressed.

270 grain Speer soft point after penetrating 12 inches of wood


  • Supersonic hunting loads from 195 grains to 300+ grains. Most major bullet manufacturers have a long history of making and perfecting .375 bore projectiles for use in the .375 H&H Magnum, which was introduced in 1912. All of the best hunting bullets in the world are available in .375, and many extremely high BC, long-range projectiles are available in this caliber as well. Supersonic 375 Raptor loads are absolutely devastating on game and are fully capable of confidently taking any animal in North America (and have, from moose to Kodiak bears).
  • Subsonic loads from 350 to 450 grains. 400 grain projectiles will be the standard for us, with subsonic expanding hollow points already available from a couple of respected projectile manufacturers. A 400 grain subsonic 375 Raptor still has 1,000 ft-lbs of energy at 100 yards! 350 grain Sierra MatchKing loads are amazingly accurate out to hundreds of yards.
  • Short barrel performance: 270 grain loads at 2,200 FPS from a 12-inch barrel! Compare that to a 185 grain .308 Winchester that does about 2,280 FPS from a 12-inch barrel. And it’s the same amount of powder from the same case! The larger bore diameter allows for a quicker, more complete powder burn as well as the use of a faster propellant while maintaining the same pressure levels.
  • No voodoo: 375 Raptor is a .308 case necked up for the .375 bullet. It requires nothing more than a barrel change, whether in a bolt action or an AR10, to switch from .308 to 375 Raptor. Same bolt face, same magazine, same gas system, etc.
  • Affordable: thanks to the huge selection of available .375 projectiles and the many decades companies have been manufacturing them, bullets start at just ~32 cents each. Reloading from .308 brass is a cinch. Factory loaded hunting ammo runs about $1.70 per round.
  • It’s stable: 1:8 twist rifling is perfectly sufficient to stabilize up to 450 grain subsonic projectiles without spinning even the lightest, fastest supersonic loads too fast. 375 Raptor’s larger diameter provides more inherent stability as well as more mass in less projectile length. Abnormally fast twist rates aren’t needed to stabilize subsonic 375 Raptor loads, so there is no risk of jacket separation when shooting supersonic loads.
  • It’s real and it’s available now.

375 Raptor Compatible Suppressors: (partial list!)

  • CGS Group Wizard Sleeve (.375-compatible variant of the CGS Hyperion, which is the quietest .30 cal suppressor on the market. Coming soon)
  • Griffin Armament Bushwhacker 46
  • SilencerCo Hybrid 46
  • Bowers VERS 375 (also VERS 458 and VERS 50)
  • Crux Suppressors Archangel375
  • Ase Ultra S series SL6i .375
  • Desert Tech Elite Iron .375 Suppressor
  • Liberty Suppressors Goliath
  • Lane Silencers Scorpion 458
  • SUBSONIC ONLY: You can run subsonic 375 Raptor through many .45 ACP pistol suppressors if they’re rated for 300 Blackout use. The Liberty Cosmic can also handle supersonic 375 Raptor with a 20+ inch barrel.

Our 375 Raptor builds shoot sub-MOA to sub-half-MOA, 5-round groups at 100 yards even with soft point hunting ammo such as 270 grain Speer boat tail soft points.

For TONS of great information on 375 Raptor plus a bunch of hunting photos (animals taken with 375 R) from Africa to Alaska, please check out www.375raptor.com. There you’ll find chronograph data for various loads through different barrel lengths, reloading tips and load data, ballistics gelatin test videos, and much more.