Black Collar Arms Match Grade Barrels


The Black Collar Arms line of barrels is here! Well, one barrel is here (R700 in 300 BLK) but more options will be available soon.

Our ridiculously amazing barrels begin life as some of the highest-quality barrel blanks available in the country. These blanks are precision button rifled to an incredibly precise tolerance, then they are air-gauged, carefully lapped, and stress relieved through a careful heat treat process.

Black Collar Arms barrels deliver match grade precision and look dang good while doing it. At the same time, they’re durable and all but impervious to the elements thanks to their stainless steel construction and hard-as-nails salt bath nitride finish. Caliber designation and small Black Collar Arms “collar” logo are engraved around the shoulder.

These are “pre-fit” barrels and use a barrel nut to make adjusting headspace and locking the barrel to the action simple and fast. A standard Savage barrel nut wrench is needed to tighten the nut.


Material: 416R stainless steel
Finish: jet black salt bath nitride
Muzzle: threaded 5/8×24
Tenon: Remington 700 and Savage small shank
Length: 300 Blackout:9-inch / .308 Winchester:10-inch / 6.5 Creedmoor:12-inch
Contour: Varies by Length (typically MTU and other thicc contours)
Fluting: Deep Spiral Fluted
Weight: 300 Blackout:23.2 ounces /

Use the configurator below to select the correct barrel for your build:

Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 3 in


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