Black Box Magazines

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Inside the Black Box you’ll find room for 50% more rounds than in our competitors’ AICS footprint magazines. Please scroll down to read the full description and pre-order notification below…

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Why settle for 10 rounds from the other guys when the Black Box holds 15 in a smaller external footprint? Our double-stack to single-feed geometry is as reliable as your favorite Austrian pistol magazine, but feeds 223/5.56 or 300 Blackout rounds into your bolt gun. The Black Box works in any stock or chassis designed for short action, AICS footprint magazines.

For added purchase in the field, the Black Box’s flat panels are ready for skateboard style grip tape. We’ll be offering laser-cut grip tape inserts in two textures, sand and rubber pebble, and in a few different colors and patterns.

Black Box Features and Specs:

• AICS short action footprint compatible
• 15-round capacity of 223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, 300 Blackout, 223 Ackley Improved, or most other 223/5.56 parent case cartridges (should work with 204 Ruger, too, though we haven’t yet tested)
• 350 Legend may need to be down-loaded slightly (due to wider case neck and, depending on the projectile and brand, it may function better with 12-14 rounds rather than a full 15)
• Recessed fields for optional grip tape available in multiple textures and colors/patterns
• 2.34-inch cartridge overall length maximum (SAAMI max spec for 223 Rem and 300 BLK is 2.26″ so this provides a bit of extra space if you’re loading your own)

PRE-ORDERS: We are currently finalizing spring geometry and production with one of the top firearm magazine spring manufacturers in the U.S.. The Black Box body, follower, lock plate, and baseplate are ready to go. We expect to be shipping Black Boxes by/in August 2023. We ARE allowing pre-orders as this will help us get a better understanding of how many units we should manufacture in our first production run. Please understand that our ETA is an estimate, though, and there’s a chance it’ll slip. If you are not okay with that possibility, please do not pre-order. Pre-order customers will receive the first magazines out the door and a 10% discount.

Magazine Capacity Restrictions: This is a 15-round magazine and there are a handful of states with maximum capacity restrictions of fewer than 15 rounds. Our system is set to disallow orders to those states. If you know you are in a state or other jurisdiction where a 15-round magazine is not allowed, please do not order.


Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 4 in


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