We love the Ergo SWIFT Grip! It’s affordable, comfortable, strong, and awesome. A perfect fit for a Black Collar Arms pistol build or on any AR15 grip-compatible firearm with a short-ish length of pull for PDW style use or for any length of pull when shooting from a bench, etc. It’s a really great grip at a great price.

…sometimes also called the Ergo Rigid Grip or the Ergo SHINES Grip. We can’t keep up with the names so we’re sticking with “SWIFT Grip.” ERGO SKU 4093.

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Description and stats from Ergo:

The Ergo 4093 SWIFT Grip was designed for shooters who prefer or need to use a compact stance when shooting their rifle (or pistol/PDW/SBR), such as in vehicle operations or while using PDWs. The reduced grip angle improves comfort and control. The textured shape provides a positive grip in all environments.

  • Reduced grip angle designed for compact shooting positions and PDWs
  • Rigid Polymer construction
  • Shape and textured for maximum handling and control

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in


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