Custom Pork Sword Pistol

>>>  Lead time from order to shipment is approximately 10 to 14 weeks. It may take longer in some cases (e.g. a particularly complex barrel order such as fluted and cryo treated and/or highly involved Cerakote, etc.) as each of these guns is custom-built for you.  <<<

Our barreled actions combine our absolutely fantastic Pork Sword Action (a custom-branded Bighorn Origin) with a custom X-Caliber barrel. These match grade actions include a pinned optic rail, fluted bolt body, controlled round feed, fully enclosed mechanical ejector, pinned recoil lug, and swept bolt handle with the bolt knob of your choice. The Pork Sword Action also features a DLC treated floating and interchangeable bolt head, which allows for quick caliber changes and incredible accuracy. The action and bolt body are salt bath nitrided black.

We use X-Caliber premium match grade barrels. These made-to-order barrels are among the highest quality and most accurate barrels available in the country. All barrels include muzzle threads appropriate for the caliber (e.g. 5/8×24 for .30 cal, etc).

We will match the most ideal rifling twist rate to your cartridge and barrel length selections. For example, a 300 BLK under 8 inches will be built with a 1:5 twist 5R rifled barrel, and a 300 BLK 8 inches or over will be built with a 1:7 twist 5R rifled barrel. If you have a specific twist rate request from X-Caliber’s available options, please type that into the Notes field at the end of checkout.

Scroll down to our configurator to start your custom build now!

NOTE: Because barrels and actions are custom made just for you, cancellations are typically not possible. Likewise, change requests are typically not possible beyond 24-48 hours from when your order is placed.

Additional information

Weight 140 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 6 in


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