Custom Built Guns

  • Custom Built Pork Sword Rifle, Pistol, or SBR

    Our step-by-step configurator allows you to spec out a Custom Built Pork Sword Pistol, Rifle, or SBR made just for you. With 22+ chamberings and dozens of barrel, Cerakote, and accessory options, the sky's the limit!
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  • Pork Sword Stalker: 12-Inch 8.6 BLK or 375 Raptor

    A big bore 12-inch shorty, the Pork Sword Stalker is purpose built for hunting and tactical use, especially in tight environments such as in a side-by-side or other vehicle, in a deer blind, on foot in brush or other tricky terrain, or in many tactical environments. Chambered in either 8.6 Blackout or 375 Raptor, the Pork Sword Stalker is designed to fire both supersonic and subsonic ammunition and is suppressor-ready. Available as a pistol or as a factory SBR. SCROLL DOWN TO "DESCRIPTION" SECTION ON PRODUCT PAGE FOR STALKER SPECS AND 8.6BLK/375R INFO
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