First Class Envelope

  • Black Box Magazines

    Inside the Black Box you'll find room for 50% more rounds than in our competitors' AICS footprint magazines. Please scroll down to read the full description and pre-order notification below...
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  • Priapus Grip

    A perfect hybrid of precision rifle and tactical, the Priapus Grip delivers the hand positioning, shape, and control of a PRS-style grip with the size, circumference, and light weight of a tactical AR-style grip. It's the first precision grip that you can also run and gun with. But wait, there's more!... The recessed, smooth fields on all four sides of the Priapus Grip are specifically designed for the application of skateboard grip tape (just like our Black Box magazine). This allows the end user to customize the aggressiveness and color/pattern of the Priapus Grip's grip texture. One set of grip tape panels is included, and additional sets are just $5.
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  • Black Collar Arms Barrel Nuts

    Black Collar Arms Barrel Nuts allow for end-user barreling and headspacing with the use of headspace gauges and a standard, 1.25-inch wrench. An amazing 0.91 ounces light!
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Lightweight things that can go First Class in a padded envelope