Complete Your Pork Sword Chassis Pre-Order!



You’ve placed your $69 deposit on a Pork Sword Chassis. Now what? This is what! This is where we ask you to pay the $230.99 balance for that grand total of $299.99.

But wait, there’s more!

First, we must apologize. We did not plan on charging the balance until the chassis were finished and ready to ship. However, due to the late addition of the “PROTOTYPE” engraving option, which we are ONLY offering for you, our customers who pre-ordered, and will never offer again, we need to know how many chassis to engrave prior to that stage of manufacturing. There will be no extra “PROTOTYPE” chassis made; only the quantity y’all order. Firm cutoff to add this option is 11:59 PM on March 17th.

So, this whole process is far simpler if we just wrap it all up right now — get your engraving orders, charge the balance, and get your accessory orders in. This will also help us estimate what percentage of our chassis should have Pork Sword Actual engraved on them, which Cerakote colors people want, how many of which accessories to stock, etc. since pre-orders are only about 15% of the total production run we’re doing. This way we’ll have everything ready-to-go, ready to ship in the same box, in-stock and queued up for the moment the chassis are completed. Fair enough? Please email ( with any questions or concerns!

Please read the following items of note:

  • If you chose add-ons when you placed your original deposit, we already have that info and we charged you for those add-ons. Don’t add the same items again here! (unless you want another of the same magazine or something)
  • Timing: As of the end of April we are about to bring the first batch of chassis to our anodizer. Depending on their queue at that time, they’ll need between 72 hours and ~2 weeks to complete the Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat anodizing. This means your chassis will be shipping out to you in early-mid May.
  • What’s Included: a $299.99 chassis order gets you a Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat anodized black chassis. It is only the chassis with no accessories. A magazine catch will be installed and it will ship with two action screws. If you do not already own the components to finish out the chassis, we have many options available to choose from below. From the standard-length FARend (we’ll be releasing a short and long version in the near future, too) to grips, magazines, bipods, braces, and more…
  • FARends: they may have to ship separately if we don’t complete them by the time the chassis are done. Instead of delaying your chassis, we’ll just ship the FARends on their own and we’ll eat those shipping costs. They could lag a week or two if they aren’t ready on time (though on-time is still our Plan A).
  • Stock Options: coming soon! But they’re a late-April or potentially a May item. If you’re thinking of going with a Black Collar Arms Stock Option, which are definitely going to be the lightest, most effective, least expensive direct-to-Picatinny-rail stocks available, you’ll have to wait a couple/few additional weeks after you have received the chassis. We’ll ship Stock Options free of charge for our chassis pre-order customers. Common Stock Option should run $149.99, and Preferred Stock Option $199.99.
  • Law Enforcement / Military: if this is you, please email and let us know where / with whom you serve. We are extending a small token of our appreciation so please contact us before completing your order.
  • What do I put on top of this thing?: please visit our “Building a Pork Sword Pistol” page for all sorts of resources and suggestions for actions, barrels, components, and more. From DIY to custom builders like Alamo Precision Rifles to simply removing the stock from an existing Remington 700 short action rifle and dropping the gun into our chassis, there is no shortage of options. In the near future we’ll be offering barrels and after that complete actions, but we aren’t there quite yet.
  • Apparel, swag, decals, etc: this is all shipping now! People love to ask us about Pork Sword Actual when they see him on our shirts  🙂

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Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 3 in