375 Raptor Hand Loaded Ammo, 50 Rounds, 400GR


  • NOTE: This load is specifically designed for bolt action 375 Raptor rifles and will not function as an efficient subsonic load in an AR platform. Subsonic AR loads coming soon.
  • 50 Rounds Hand Loaded 375 Raptor Bolt Action Subsonic Load
    • Factory New .308 Win Brass Resized to 375 Raptor Specs
    • 400 Grain Makers Expanding Subsonic Solid Copper HP
    • Loaded to tenth of a powder grain accuracy to ensure consistent subsonic performance
    • Shipped in reusable hard plastic ammo box
  • Average Performance
    • 18″ Barrel: 1050 fps
    • 12″ Barrel: 1000 fps

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