AB Suppressor

  • AB Suppressor F4 Suppressor

    This super compact, 9mm PCC silencer is 100% titanium with a 1/2x28 direct thread mount and weighs only 4. 4 ounces. It's very quiet for its size, and it's so dang lightweight that it runs on most pistols even though it doesn't have a booster. Very cool!
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  • Black Collar Arms SBD

    The Black Collar Arms SBD💨 line is here! These precision integrally suppressed firearms are among the quietest centerfire rifle caliber guns ever made.
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  • Raptor Adapter

    The AB Suppressor Raptor Adapter converts the threads in the base of the AB RAPTOR suppressor to the increasingly-standard 1.375x24 (1-3/8x24) thread pitch used by many in the industry. This opens up many dozens of mount options for your RAPTOR  including pistol boosters and so much more.
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