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The Black Collar Arms MBA redefines the Modern Bolt Action firearm. This revolutionary straight pull design is incredibly lightweight, fast, and accurate. MBA's extreme modularity and elegant simplicity represent a significant leap forward in bolt action design.

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01.16.22 BCA MBA-8

MBA is late in its prototyping and development phase. This page will be used to share some of our progress updates and testing results. Reservation holders will receive regular updates, behind-the-scenes photos and info, concierge access, and more.


MBA is currently a 6.0-pound rifle and our next prototypes will put it on a diet. In the field where ounces times hours equals pounds, MBA trims the fat so you're ready when it counts.

Black Collar Arms MBA


The Modern Bolt Action is the most modular bolt action ever made. MBA's upper and lower receivers plus the bolt carrier and associated straight pull action mechanisms are proprietary. The rest of the key components are AR-based and readily available. Right out of the gate, literally thousands of MBA configuration options are waiting.


AR-10 Handguard

MBA's interchangeable optic rail allows for the use of both DPMS High and DPMS Low AR-10 Handguards. Future optics mounting accessories are in the works.


AR-10 Barrel

MBA uses the standard DPMS AR-10 barrel footprint. From affordable to ultra high-end, hundreds of options are available today. Barrels from Black Collar Arms will not have a gas port, of course, as MBA doesn't have a gas system. From custom barrel makers simply order one without a gas port, or use an off-the-shelf AR-10 barrel by blocking the gas port.


AR-10 Bolt Head

The Black Collar Arms MBA uses AR-10 bolt heads and cam pins.

Build It Yourself


Building an MBA is even simpler than building an AR. MBA Build Kits will include the necessary Black Collar Arms components, then the rest is up to you. The sky's the limit with hundreds of options for triggers, grips, handguards, barrels, magazines, bolt knobs, stocks, and more. In fact, you likely already own all of the necessary tools and perhaps some of the parts.





MBA Reservation holders will receive an MBA with exclusive serial number, bag, and more. Reservation holders will also have special access during the development process including update emails, behind-the-scenes photos, insider information, and access to a reservation concierge. We are tracking to deliver MBAs late this year.


A complete MBA from Black Collar Arms is built with a matched bolt head and barrel extension mated to a match-grade barrel. Combined with our straight pull mechanism, repeatability and precision are par for the course. MBA delivers modern accuracy.

Or, go the Build Kit route to use the barrel, trigger, and other components of your choice. The AR standard makes it easy and options are nearly limitless.




MBA is at home on the hunt, the range, and the mission. Whether that means you're in a blind, on a mountain, or overseas, your rifle's reliability is paramount.

MBA provides significant mechanical advantage for primary extraction like never before seen in a straight pull and well beyond what most other manual action firearms offer. It combines proven, readily-available components and mechanisms with simple, elegant designs engineered to put them to use in the fastest, slickest Modern Bolt Action ever made.

A Few Key Features


Straight Pull: significantly faster and smoother than a traditional, turn-bolt firearm, the linear motion of a straight pull also keeps you dead on target. Eliminating the sideways rotational force required to unlock and lock a turn bolt means no fighting your gun to keep it level. No unnecessary hand movement, no unnecessary gun movement. Just fast, smooth precision.

Two-Piece Receiver System: bedding blocks and recoil lugs integral to upper and lower ensures rock solid, flawless repeatability. Easily swappable upper assembly allows for rapid caliber changes with sighted-in optic.

Purpose-Built Action: MBA is not a manually-operated AR-10. We have engineered an entirely new operating system that provides powerful primary extraction and in-battery locking mechanisms with an ideally-placed bolt handle for the fastest possible cycling.


On this page we've barely scratched the surface of the most modular bolt action firearm ever. Future variants of MBA are already in development. From versions licensed to other manufacturers to different accessory mounting systems to new action lengths, caliber types, and caliber conversions, we've only just begun.