Black Collar Arms MBA Update #1

With basic function testing of our first prototypes behind us, we've been feverishly working on design refinement. MBA now has a handful of truly unique, functional features that set it far apart from the competition. Update #1 here focuses on just one of these new features, the modular lower receiver with removeable fire control unit.


MBA Fire Control Unit

MBA's fire control unit, or FCU, is the serialized part of the system. It's the "firearm." This aluminum chassis houses any standard AR-15 trigger, safety, and grip. It is easily installed and removed from the lower receiver without a tool.

We're sure you can envision future opportunities for the MBA FCU, such as popping it into other sorts of receivers. Don't worry, we're on it.

MBA Modular Lower Receiver 

Y'all've asked us whether the upper or lower receiver is the serialized part of MBA. Well, the answer is that it's neither! MBA's lower receiver is another modular component of the complete system and it isn't a serialized or otherwise controlled part. In the future we'll have multiple versions of lowers including, perhaps, polymer ones.


As of now (mid-April) we are still on-track to enter MBA production this coming summer. This assumes a couple more rounds of prototyping and testing. If all continues to go well, this would mean first MBA shipments in Q4. It'll remain a moving target, though, until we're officially in production.

Our next MBA updates will cover safety features, inner workings of the straight pull action, shooting videos, and more...