Stamped Envelope

  • Priapus Grip Tape Sets

    Skateboard sand texture does not slip, wet or dry. It's insanely grippy in all conditions yet it feels good in the palm of your hand. Rubber pebble texture offers a medium grip level but is very comfortable against skin and won't scuff up clothing or scratch things. We really like running rubber pebble on the side of the grip that touches your body (e.g. when you're carrying your rifle on a sling) and sand everywhere else. Grip is not included. This is just for a full set of laser-cut grip tape panels. Priapus Grips are available HERE. BONUS! There are hundreds of colors, patterns, and types of grip tape on Amazon and elsewhere and you can cut your own by printing out this template.
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  • Pork Sword Actual Decal

    High quality vinyl decal of Pork Sword Actual flying off into the sunset. He's 4.75" wide by 2" tall, and durable enough for outdoor use.
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  • Black Collar Arms Veiny Eggplant Decal

    High quality vinyl decal with the Black Collar logo on the veiny eggplant that Chris forced Jeremy to make even though it's ridiculous and juvenile. 5.75" x 2.25"
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Things that can go in a standard envelope with a stamp