Drop-In Scorpitrol®


Do you suffer from a heavy, gritty sensation in your trigger finger while shooting your CZ Scorpion EVO? If so, ask your doctor about Scorpitrol®! It’s the cure for that squeaky 9-lb factory pull and will have you enjoying a truly excellent 4.5-lb, 2-stage pull with a crisp, clean break and a short reset in only one application.

SCORPITROL vs OEM Trigger Scans

Realistically Scorpitrol® is a much better trigger than a little PDW like the Scorpion needs, but man oh man is it enjoyable to shoot! It’s also made from the strongest tool steel available and runs a full-power hammer spring, so it’s durable and reliable.

Full technical details below…

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Drop-In Scorpitrol® contains the same internal components as our Component Scorpitrol® (coming soon), but our staff of highly-trained rhesus monkeys has gone ahead and installed everything inside of a factory CZ trigger housing. It’s ready to drop straight into your Scorpion EVO!

*** Does not include trigger bow (the part you put your finger on). Move your factory CZ one over or install the aftermarket one of your choice. ***

.: Maintains full-power hammer spring for reliability even with NATO-spec or cheap ammo
.: Wire EDM cut hardened S7 tool steel hammer
.: Wire EDM cut hardened A2 tool steel sear and disconnector
.: Hammer, sear, and disconnector are polished and nickel boron treated
.: aluminum inner chassis
.: 2-stage trigger pull
.: clean break with short, crisp reset
.: 4.5-lb pull

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in

Cold rolled plate steel and aluminum


Nickel Boron and anodized



Pull Weight

2.5 first stage and 2 second stage


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